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Thank you for all your work and your votes. Over the last month, voters in Philadelphia and around the Commonwealth made a profound statement by rejecting MAGA Republicans up and down the ballot. This election was a rebuke of the Republican agenda: stripping abortion rights, election denial, and book banning. Democrats ran unabashedly as pro-choice, pro-union, pro-education defenders of freedom. The blue wave that washed across Pennsylvania makes it abundantly clear that extremism and hate have no home here. Donald Trump doesn’t get much right, but he did figure one thing out four years ago: for Republicans, bad things happen in Philadelphia.

In such a high stakes election with fundamental rights on the ballot, Philadelphia stepped up to the plate and delivered. We delivered an historic 200,000 vote net margin for our statewide judicial candidates—double the next best-performing county. These votes were crucial in electing the full Democratic statewide judicial slate: Justice-Elect Dan McCaffery, Judge-Elect Jill Beck, Judge Timika Lane, and Judge Matt Wolf. Beyond these statewide victories, Philadelphia Democrats successfully elected history-making Cherelle Parker, our first woman to be Mayor. We delivered decisive wins for our entire endorsed slate, including our immensely qualified slate of City Council At-Large and row office nominees.

These victories were a team effort. 69 ward leaders, over 3,200 committee members, and countless volunteers all pulled their weight to do what Philadelphia does best: Win elections. Next year’s Presidential election will be no different. While we take great pride in this year’s wins, we remain mindful of what is to come, the stakes are even higher and the work even greater. Republicans and their extremist agenda will be back on the ballot in 2024, and the Philadelphia Democratic Party—and our allies across PA—must deliver to protect Democratic values.

-Bob Brady

Our Democratic Values
The Philadelphia Democratic Party shapes the future by remaining steadfast to our core Democratic beliefs and values. By electing Democrats to local government, the General Assembly, Congress, and beyond, we can achieve these goals with the implementation of progressive Democratic policies.
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Looking to talk with your Ward Leader? Each of our 69 wards are responsible for voter engagement within their geographic boundaries. To learn more about getting involved in your ward, you can fill out the contact form to get a message to your ward leader. 

If you don’t know your ward, just let us know your address in the message and we’ll help you figure it out!