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PHL Dems

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About Us

Structure & Responsibilities

The Philadelphia Democratic Party is led by the Chair of the Philadelphia Democratic City Committee, which is split into 66 wards across the city. Each ward is broken into a number of divisions. Every four (4) years, each division elects two (2) Democrats to serve as representatives to the ward. After the division members are elected and certified, the ward members meet to elect a ward leader on the third Monday succeeding the election. Together, the ward leaders then elect the Chair of the Philadelphia Democratic City Committee on the fourth Monday succeeding the election.

Members of the Philadelphia Democratic City Committee (“Committeepeople”) are expected to attend meetings of their ward, events hosted by their ward or the Philadelphia Democratic Party, help get out the vote leading up to election day, and work the polls on election day. In many cases, Committeepeople have day-to-day interaction with Democratic candidates, elected officials, and party leaders as they adopt and promote Democratic policies and nominate and endorse candidates for elected office who uphold those policies.

To learn more about wards and find out which ward you are in, head over to our Wards Page.

Affiliate Organizations

The Philadelphia Democratic Party is the official County party under the Pennsylvania Democratic Party and the Democratic National Committee.

The Philadelphia Young Democrats are the official youth wing of the Philadelphia Democratic Party, mainly representing Democrats under the age of 40.