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175th District: MARY ISAACSON

Representative Mary Isaacson is a trailblazing Democrat who represents Benjamin Franklin's former seat in the State House. Previously, Mary served as Chief of Staff to her predecessor, the legendary Rep. Mike O'Brien. Mary is one of the Commonwealth's most progressive and tireless legislators. Her re-election is critical to ensuring equitable future for Philadelphia. Mary is dedicated to increasing education funding, creating a green economy, fighting for LGBTQ+ & Women's rights, and ending the opioid crisis. Mary has served 8+ years on the PA Dems State Committee and 14 years as a Committeewoman for the PHL Dems' 5th Ward, where she serves as Vice Chair. Mary is a stalwart patron of the Young Democrats and is endorsed by numerous unions and advocacy groups, and is endorsed unanimously by the Wards she represents.

This district is made up of Ward 2, Ward 5, Ward 18, Ward 25, Ward 31, and Ward 45.