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Reducing Costs

We should be building on the Affordable Care Act by instituting a public option, creating reinsurance programs, and requiring pharmaceutical companies to be more transparent about their pricing.

Senior Healthcare

Our elder citizens should not be forced into nursing homes just to receive adequate care. We should expand opportunities for seniors to receive care in their own home, by their own family members.

Increase Hospital Funding

Some of our poorest communities rely heavily on Medicaid reimbursements to continue operations. We have an obligation to fully fund our hospitals so that nobody goes without necessary health care.​

Criminal Justice

Legalizing Marijuana

The possession and recreational usage of marijuana should be legalized. There should not be thousands of people with a criminal record with a disadvantage in work, housing, and education. ​

Ending Cash Bail

Across Philadelphia, there are thousands of people sitting in jail unable to pay bail and court fees. Often, these people lose their jobs and children, even though they are ultimately acquitted. It's time to end this expensive, unfair, and discriminatory practice.​

Probation Reform

Minor infractions should not result in confinement, especially confinement that far exceeds an original sentence. We should be rehabilitating offenders through employment and community programs.​

Climate and Environment

Fighting Climate Change

The increasing volatility of natural weather disasters like flooding, storm damage, earthquakes, and droughts requires new and innovative strategies to protect our community.​

Renewable Energy

In order to meet our energy needs while protecting our environment, we must transition to 100% clean energy by 2050. Wind, solar, and nuclear energy sources will reduce emissions and create new jobs in our community.​

Clean Car Infrastructure

With a rapidly decreasing number of gas and diesel cars on the road, we must invest in fast-charging highway stations, electric-fleet vehicles, and hydrogen fuel cell technology to keep up with our new clean cars.​


Funding Schools Fairly

Public schools should be funded in a way that all students receive a quality education, regardless of their rural or urban setting. And, we have to make sure the Commonwealth is contributing their fair share investment in our children's futures.​

Reduce Student Debt

With the skyrocketing price of higher education, hundreds of thousands of students are forced to take out massive student loans. Students from lower and middle-class families should be able to attend public colleges and universities at no cost.​

Technical Schools and Apprenticeships

Our workforce training must include career and technical education programs that include apprenticeships and on-the-job training for some of the highest demanded jobs, from K-12 to highly technical training.​

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