PHL Dems


Robert A. Brady

Party Chairman

Congressman Bob Brady is the Chairman of the Philadelphia Democratic Party. He also serves as the Chairman of Philadelphia’s Democratic State Committee Caucus,  the Leader of West Philadelphia’s 34th Ward, and is a USA 250th Anniversary Commissioner. Chairman Brady is also a proud 50-year union carpenter and 22-year University of Pennsylvania graduate school professor.

“The Mayor of Capitol Hill” previously served as Member of the U. S. House of Representatives from Pennsylvania’s First Congressional District for over 20 years. In Congress he was the long-time Chair & Ranking Member of the House Administration Committee. 

Chairman Brady previously was Chairman of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, Deputy Mayor of Philadelphia under Philadelphia’s first African American Mayor, Dr. Wilson Goode, Sergeant-At-Arms of Philadelphia City Council, and a multi-decade small business owner, real-estate broker, interior designer, and professional journeyman carpenter.


jannie blackwell

First Vice Chair

“Politics is an open-ended opportunity to make life better for others.”
– Party Vice Chair Jannie Blackwell

Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell serves as the Vice Chair of the Philadelphia Democratic Party, Co-Chair of the United Ward Leaders of Color, and Leader of the 46th Ward. 

Blackwell is a former educator, aide to the Governor, and State Legislature civil servant who served as a member of Philadelphia City Council for the West & Southwest Philadelphia’s 3rd District for 28 years.

Jannie continues her life of service today, and continues to be famous for her initiatives to support Homeless Philadelphians, feed the hungry, and utilize the resources of the Party to give back to underserved and at-risk communities.



Second Vice Chair

State Representative Angel Cruz is Second Vice Chair of the Philadelphia Democratic Party, Leader of the 7th Ward, and the City’s longest-serving member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

Formerly a Union Organizer and City Council aide, Rep. Cruz was first elected in 2001 to represent the Kensington, Juniata, Harrowgate, and Tioga Park neighborhoods. In Harrisburg he serves as Chair of the Latino Caucus and Democratic Chair of the Human Services Committee. 

Rep. Cruz has drafted and had enacted several important pieces of legislation including Act 148 of 2014, which expanded newborn screening in Pennsylvania, and has secured grants for numerous non-profit organizations and projects in his district.

Edgar "Sonny" Campbell, Jr.


Edgar “Sonny” Campbell, Jr. serves as the Treasurer of the Philadelphia Democratic Party, Co-Chair of the United Ward Leaders of Color, and Leader of West Philadelphia’s 4th Ward.

Sonny Campbell is the patriarch of the storied Campbell Family, and is, along with most members of his family, a longtime community advocate and political leader in West Philadelphia.

Shirley Gregory

Assistant Treasurer

Shirley Gregory is the Assistant Treasurer of the Philadelphia Democratic Party and Leader of North Philadelphia’s Mighty 49th Ward.

Mrs. Gregory has been a dynamic pillar of the North Philly/Logan Neighborhood community for over forty years.  She serves on the board of Albert Einstein Hospital and Bebashi, one of the nation’s HIV/AIDS organizations which serves low-income people of color with HIV disease. Previously Mrs. Gregory had a distinguished career as a Capitol Hill Staffer and Congressional District Director. 


Vice Chair

William “Bill” Dolbow is one of the Philadelphia Democratic Party’s Vice Chairs and Leader of Mayfair’s 35th Ward.

Mr. Dolbow served as South Eastern Pennsylvania Director of the Office of the Auditor General for decades before his retirement in 2020. And has been a Democratic Committeeperson since age 18.

He now volunteers his time as the Party’s Operations Director working to run the Philadelphia Democratic Party’s Petition Program for endorsed candidates, distributing literature and signs for GOTV efforts, planning and operating Party events, and running meetings of the City Committee.


Vice Chair

Mrs. Anna Brown is one of the Vice Chairs of the Philadelphia Democratic Party and Leader of South West Philadelphia’s 40th Ward.

Mrs. Brown is a retired Congressional aide and senior City Council staffer who currently works in the Party office. There she helps run Party Operations, helps out-of-work Philadelphians find employment, and helps Philadelphians who cannot afford legal representation find pro bono attorneys. 

Mrs. Brown has served as a Democratic Committeewoman since 1982, and has lead her diverse, working-class community as Ward Leader since 1996.

Alan Butkovitz, Esquire

Finance Chair & Director of Development

Alan Butkovitz, Esquire, Former City Controller and State Representative, is the Philadelphia Democratic Party’s Director of Development, and Leader of the 54th Ward.

Prior to holding elected office, Butkovitz was an Philadelphia attorney handling civil, criminal and environmental coverage cases. Known for his successful first amendment case in U.S District Court Third Circuit that opened up the Mummers Parade to women, minorities, and new entrants. Butkovitz served 15 years representing the 174th legislative district in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives

As the Party’s Director of Development, Mr. Butkovitz has overseen the creation of the Finance Committee and works to grow and sustain Party fundraising efforts.

John F. Street, Esquire

Voter Registration & GOTV Chair

John F. Street, Esquire, legendary 97th Mayor of Philadelphia, Temple University Professor, and attorney serves as Chair of the Philadelphia Democratic Party’s Voter Registration and GOTV Committee.

He is a Democrat who grew up on a livestock farm, moved to Philadelphia and worked as a hotdog vendor, before becoming an attorney and City Councilman. Mr. Street became Mayor after having served 19 years in the Philadelphia City Council, including seven years as its Council President.

During his re-election campaign for Mayor, Mr. Street was responsible for the largest-ever voter registration effort in Pennsylvania history. Now he is back volunteering his time to recreate that effort and close Philadelphia’s registration gap.

Party Staff

James Harrity


James Harrity is the Philadelphia Democratic Party’s Executive Director, a Member of the Pennsylvania Democratic State Committee, and is a proud 33rd Ward Democrat.

Harrity has been deeply active in Philadelphia politics since his teens, and previously served as a City of Philadelphia Deputy Managing Director, a Deputy Sheriff, and union organizer. 

In addition to his service to the Party, Mr. Harrity also currently serves as Executive Director of the Office of Senator Sharif Street, and Political Director of the Laborers’ International Union Local 57.

Anthony "Bo" Amen

Chief Financial Officer

Anthony “Bo” Amen is the Philadelphia Democratic Party’s Chief Financial Officer.

Mr. Amen a born and raised West Philadelphian, Master Plumber, and longtime small business owner who spends his retirement managing the finances of the Philadelphia Democratic Party.



John Brady the Pennsylvania Democratic Party’s Philadelphia Director and assistant to Party Chairman Bob Brady (no relation).

John has served as a 21st Ward Committeeperson since age 19, one of the youngest members of the Pennsylvania Democratic State Committee, a board member of Liberty City LGBTQ Democrats, a Trustee of Roman Catholic High School, a Keeper fellow with Leadership Philadelphia, and an executive board member of the Philadelphia and Pennsylvania Young Democrats.

Yolanda Anderson

Office Manager

Yolanda Anderson is the Philadelphia Democratic Party’s Office Manager. 

Formerly a political consultant for Democratic candidates, Yolanda is now celebrating her 31st Year working for the Philadelphia Democratic Party.

Craig Levin, Esquire

Chair of the Legal Department

Craig Levin is the Chair of the Philadelphia Democratic Party’s Legal Department and Chair of the “Charlie Bernard Pro-Bono Initiative”, where he leads the Party’s efforts to find Pro-Bono legal representation for regular, every-day Philadelphians who cannot afford an attorney. He also serves as Committeeman for the 8th Ward.

As civil trial lawyer for the last 31 years, Craig has passionately fought for the rights of individuals and for those who have been ignored and left behind by our system. 

In addition to serving others through the law, he has given back to the community as a mentor, ally, and a prolific pro bono attorney. For the last 21 years, he’s served as the pro-bono counsel to the Spanish American Law Enforcement Association. For the past 18 years Craig has volunteered his time as a youth hockey coach.


Information & Data Director

Gianni Hill is the Philadelphia Democratic Party’s Information and Data Director, the current youngest Member of the Pennsylvania Democratic State Committee, and a proud 27th Ward Democrat.

Aside from his service at the Party Office, Gianni is Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Young Democrats, Political Coordinator for State Senator Sharif Street, a professional political/data consultant, a full-time University of Pennsylvania sophomore, and an active College Democrat.

The City Committee

Every 4 years, the City of Philadelphia elects 3,406 neighborhood advocates and political organizers as Democratic Committeepeople. They are an organizing force and the backbone of the Party. Together they and their chosen volunteer Ward Leaders are known as the Democratic City Committee.

Philadelphia is geographically divided into 66 wards. Each ward is further divided into 10-50 divisions based on population. Every four years, during the primary election of the Governor’s race, registered Democratic voters in each division elect two of their neighbors to serve as the division’s Democratic Committeepeople. The elected Committeepeople make up each party’s Ward Committee, and vote for a Ward Leader shortly after the election at a meeting of the Ward committee.