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Democratic Nominees for Local Judge:

Court of Common Pleas:

Wendi Barish

Wendi Barish was born in Philadelphia and spent her career fighting for civil rights. Endorsed by community leaders and labor she has the experience to ensure every citizen is treated fairly and with respect in court.

Craig Levin

A Trial Attorney for 33 years, Craig has long fought for justice, fairness, and equity, donating thousands of hours of free legal assistance to Philadelphia’s underserved, seniors and citizens returning from incarceration.

Judge Cateria McCabe

A lawyer for 30 years, Judge McCabe's job is protecting children and keeping families together in Family Court. Experienced, fair and committed to justice, she's an Army veteran, active in the community, and endorsed by organized labor.

Nick Kamau

The son of a Kenyan immigrant, Nick is a Howard Law-School graduate and Trustee at Mother Bethel AME Church, and a former Capitol Hill Congressional Attorney. Nick is a Union-Endorsed, experienced litigator who will ensure justice and equity.

Judge Dan Sulman

Judge Dan Sulman brings extensive judicial experience, understanding and compassion to the Family Court bench. Dan is a Philadelphia public school graduate, father, and Union-Endorsed progressive public servant with 20 years of protecting families and children.

Betsy Wahl

Betsy Wahl has 35 years of legal experience, as a Public Defender, Mediator, law professor, and Juvenile Court Hearing Officer. Betsy is a Union-Endorsed candidate committed to juvenile justice issues, and working towards successful outcomes for Philadelphia’s troubled youth.

Chris Hall

From a public school teacher family, Chris has 30+ years’ experience, including holding corporate polluters of Southwest Philadelphia accountable and criminal defense wins in Pennsylvania Supreme Court. “Highly Recommended” by the Bar. Endorsed by labor.

michele hangley square

Michele Hangley

“Highly Recommended” by the Bar. Michele has helped lead the fight to defend the rights of voters in Philadelphia and across Pennsylvania. In 2020, she represented state and local election officials in more than twenty lawsuits filed by Trump and his allies to halt Philadelphia’s ballot count, set aside thousands of ballots, and replace Pennsylvania’s duly selected presidential electors.

Municipal Court:

Michael Lambert #25

Endorsed by Unions and the Party, a seasoned attorney who has practiced law for almost two decades in underserved communities, specializing in family, immigration, criminal, & civil litigation. His vast Pro Bono legal work has earned him the nickname “The People's Lawyer”.

Judge George Twardy #27

A respected Family Court Judge, George is proud to be a “Social Worker with a Law Degree.” George is Union-Endorsed, recommended and vetted by the Bar Association, and uses his 30 years of experience as an attorney to give everyone a fair hearing and equal access to justice.

Gregory Yorgey-Girdy #45

Greg is running for Judge because he knows the difference the court can make. Greg and his husband adopted their three children through the courts, and he’ll work to ensure fairness and justice for all in his courtroom.

Democratic Nominee for the Supreme Court:

Judge Maria McLaughlin

Highly Recommended by the Pennsylvania Bar Association, first in her family to attend college, single mom, lawyer, judge and appellate judge, Maria McLaughlin personifies the meaning of hard work. In 2017, Judge McLaughlin led the ticket amongst nine candidates statewide for a seat on the Superior Court, where she now serves.

Judge McLaughlin grew up in the Overbrook section of West Philadelphia. She received her undergraduate degree from Penn State University and her law degree from Delaware Law School-Widener University. Upon graduation from law school and for the next 19 years, Judge McLaughlin worked as an Assistant District Attorney in Philadelphia and later as Chief of the Child Support Enforcement Unit. She was one of the youngest female Chiefs ever appointed in Philadelphia. Her life is, to this day, dedicated to protecting the rights of children.

Judge McLaughlin is endorsed by the Pennsylvania Democratic Party and every County Party, as well as nearly every Elected Official, Labor Union, & Political group in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Details can be found at her website:

Democratic Candidate for the Superior Court:

Judge Timika Lane

Judge Lane will be an excellent Superior Court Judge, thanks to her deep commitment to public service and extensive community involvement. Elected to the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas in 2013, Judge Lane has presided over criminal matters, and recently was tapped by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to co-chair a new statewide Committee on Adult Probation and Parole, formed to advise the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency.

Recommended by the Pennsylvania Bar Association, Judge Lane is a very strong writer and brings keen insight from her career chapters as in family law private practice, the Public Defender’s Office, legislative constituent services, and teaching. She teaches continuing legal education courses to improve the legal profession. Judge Lane will be an excellent statewide Democratic candidate in the general election this November – as Republicans will try to gain political control of that Court and it is overwhelmingly white. We need Judge Lane’s experience and perspective on the Superior Court: 13 of its 14 Judges are white, and the Republicans are trying to win control of the Court, which is now evenly split.

Read the candidate’s PA Bar Association Judicial questionnaire.

Democratic Nominees for the Commonwealth Court:

Judge Lori Dumas

A resident of the 8th Ward, Judge Dumas would bring proven intellect, work ethic, and experience to the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania. She has served as a Judge in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas since 2002, presiding over family, criminal, and civil matters.

Judge Dumas was a contributing author of the 2018 Pennsylvania Juvenile Delinquency Benchbook and is currently co-authoring a digital resource in partnership with the American Medical Association. Judge Dumas has been recognized for her excellent work and service to the community, and has received numerous awards, recognitions, and distinctions from a wide array of community, governmental and legal organizations. Judge Dumas is lauded by her fellow judges for her intellectual curiosity and case preparation. Attorneys who have appeared before Judge Dumas describe her as fair with good judicial temperament.

Read the candidate’s PA Bar Association Judicial questionnaire.

Judge David Spurgeon

Judge David Spurgeon has served in the Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas since 2016. Assigned to the Family Division, he handles all matters involving children and families.

He has been recognized as a national expert on domestic violence and has been named a Judicial Fellow by the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges for his judicial leadership. Judge Spurgeon regularly participates as a panelist and contributor in various local, state, and national forums addressing intimate partner violence.

He currently serves as the Chair of the Family Violence Work Group for the 5th Judicial District. Recently, Judge Spurgeon appeared as a guest legal expert on Court TV discussing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on family violence.