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PHL Dems

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The Philadelphia Democratic Party
County Committee

The governing body of the Philadelphia Democratic Party is known as the County Committee. Philadelphia is geographically divided into 66 Wards, with 3 of those wards – 39, 40, & 66 –  split into an “A” and “B” sections because of their size (For Example: 39a & 39b). Each Ward is further divided into 10-50 divisions based on population.

Every four years, during the primary election of the governor’s race, registered democratic voters in each division elect two of their neighbors to serve as the division’s Democratic Committeepeople. The elected Committeepeople make up each ward’s Ward Committee.

At 8:00pm, on the THIRD Monday succeeding the Spring Primary Election the recently elected and re-elected Committeepeople assemble for a Re-Organization Meeting, where they elect ward Officers and Ward Leaders.

These are the Ward Leaders of the Philadelphia Democratic Party: