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PHL Dems

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Philadelphia Democratic Party Resources & Support

Welcome to the Philadelphia Democratic Party’s new resource & support home! We will regularly update this page along with the documents & resources below. The last update was Tuesday, May 14, 2024.

As we compile these resources, feel free to reach out directly to

VAN (Voter Activation Network)/VoteBuilder is software used across the country by Democratic campaigns, Democratic organizations, and aligned progressive organizations to centralize and conduct voter outreach efforts. Through VAN, the Democratic Party provides the voter file, voter information from 3rd-party sources, phone numbers, a database for preparing and tracking voter outreach efforts (canvassing, phone banking, text banking, mail, digital, etc.), and scores used to identify which voters are best to contact for persuasion and GOTV.

Greyed-out links are forthcoming resources


In addition to VoteBuilder-specific resources and support, you will find here more general party and ward resources that support our party-building efforts.